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Show Notes: Investoradio returns as a weekly podcast and the Don McDonald Show becomes an occasional production.



Like men or women who are attracted to "bad" boys or girls, far too many investors are placing their hard-earned money in really bad investments. Why are you buying and them and why are they being sold to you?

The brokerage industry and their friends in the insurvestment business would like you to beleieve that doing the right thing for clients is too expensive for regular "investors." Forcing a decent, client-centric business model of the business would leave you without investing advice, right? Wrong! Plus, a listener wants to know more about IRM(72) retirement plans.

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I got one for both my wife and me. Full disclosure: If you order one, I get $10 off mine. Thanks.

Make 'em Do the Right Thing

Help me help the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard push for a requirement that all investing professionals ast as a fiduciary (in other words, act in your best interests.)

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Don McDonald Show

Don McDonald Show

We all know interest rates are rising. Right? Well, then why was this fund that bets on rising rates been such a loser? Speaking of losers. Many of you have redisovered one of the dumbest ways to speculate, ever! Finally, a cool new gadget that will help you find your lost keys or your lost phone (as long as you don't lose both).

Shouldn't everyone who  works with YOUR money be required to act in your best interest? You would think so, but most hope they don't have to. Some sneaky malware that will make you wish you had backed up your files. Plus, the only sure way to make more money.

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